One of my favorite things about moving to a new place is figuring out the local cuisine. There's always good restaurants and new things to try...but Amarillo I gotta hand it to ya, you have some weird tastes! When I first moved to Texas in general, I thought breakfast tacos sounded really strange. Then I had one and fell in love. I'm hoping I have a similar experience here (I know I will) but there's a couple things I've heard about that I'm just not sure I can get down with.

Fried Rattlesnake
I've been told the best place to find this is at the Big Texan. Look, that's great and all but let me be real for a second. I do everything I can to avoid rattlesnakes in general, so why exactly do I want to ingest one? I'm all for trying different things, but there's just something about snake I can't vibe with. Maybe one night after a few cold ones, but right now? Ehhhh, I don't know.

Calf Fries
Here's another one I heard about and thought to myself, huh? I realize it's a VERY big thing here, so much so they have a cookoff at Homer's Backyard Ball. If I'm gonna try these things, I'm thinking it has to be at this cookoff, right? Or am I better served going somewhere it's been perfected at?

Anything from Waffle House after 2am
Yes, NOW we're talking. I've done this before, just not here in Amarillo. Everything tastes different after 2am, but something about Waffle House at that hour just hits different. I don't know how often I'll partake in this one (my loooong nights are a bit behind me) but I know for sure you'll find me in one at least a couple times after 2am.

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