Sony is looking for a way to thank its PlayStation Network members so it has implemented a 10% discount on a select amount of games.

While Sony's 10% off discount code doesn't apply to all the games on the PlayStation Network, players can enjoy this one-time discount code on many of the games in the store. To break it down, Sony announced on the PlayStation Blog that the discount code will not be available on subscriptions for PS Plus, Music Unlimited, PS Now, rental video content and pre-orders. If you weren't planning on using your discount code on any of those things, you're golden!

You can check out the PlayStation Store's code for your specific region and get shopping for those games you have been wishing would just be a little cheaper. You can even use the code on TV shows or movies, if you're a boss and have all the games that you want.

Also happening now is the extension for PlayStation Plus membership holders. Over the holidays, the PlayStation Network service was interrupted pretty frequently and consistently. Because of this, Sony is extending the membership for PlayStation Plus members for five days and it's starting now.

Make sure to use your discount code soon as it expires at 12PM EST on Jan. 26, 2015.

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