May the Fourth Be With You!

Today has a special meaning for those who deeply feel the Force with them. That's right; May 4 is none other than Star Wars day. A day to celebrate all things Star Wars!
Here in Texas, we particularly love Star Wars. Take it back a few years when Comic-Con had just recently popped up in Victoria. There were plenty of people roaming around in Star Wars cosplay, and of course, Pooks had to snag a picture with some Storm Troopers! Boy, did I feel protected.

Alex Salinas-TSM Comic Con (1)

Tons of other Texans have shown their love for Star Wars, whether they are going all out at a convention or even dropping by the Alamo Draft House, people here just love Star Wars, and can you blame us?

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While most of the cast from the majority of Star Wars movies were not Texans themselves, wouldn't it be hilarious to imagine which character would fit in best in the Lone Star State?


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    Darth Vader

    Now Darth Vader looks like he's enjoying some time on the water, which we have plenty of in Texas, but I think the humidity and heat may catch up to him sooner or later. I'm not sure how long he could last in this Texas heat, maybe only winter trips to Texas for this Star Wars character.

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    Luke Skywalker

    This Jedi has been through it all. He posses kindness, strength, and extreme perseverance, perfect for Texas. I could see this Jedi galloping on a horse out in a field, going off to his next adventure.

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    Princess Leia

    Princess Leia is an ICON. She holds her own down and is as solid and exceptional as any Jedi, Storm Trooper, or any other character in the films. Texas is perfect for this princess, especially with her fine training with firearms, because you know us Texans love our guns. Apparently, she even took shooting lessons from the same instructor who taught Robert De Niro how to shoot in 1976’s Taxi Driver.

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    Storm Troopers

    Texas needs Storm Troopers. We tend to represent ourselves separately from the rest of the country, and we need some tough guys (I refuse to call them bad guys) in our corner, just in case.

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    I'm going to just keep this one short. This one is going to be a no-go. All that hair, could you imagine how quickly he would get a heat stroke? Just no.

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    C3PO & R2D2

    While Austin may welcome them with open arms, these friendly characters may malfunction after meeting the sun's rays for too long. They may need to remain in a galaxy far, far away.

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