2 Men Experience Labor Pains Thanks To Electrode Stimulation [VIDEO]
Growing up I always heard women telling men that they wished they could go through child labor to experience the pain women endure.  While it is physically impossible, two men from Kensington Church decided to get connected to electrodes to undergo a labor stimulation and I have to say it is hi…
A Look At Women And Men Switching Places
Waking up one day and everything has changed, meaning all that we were used to is now opposite. Like the women becoming the men when going on a dates or even seeing women trying to pick up men at the bars.
Public Urinals Stress Men Out
Men tend to get stressed out about using the urinal in a public restroom, according to a recent study from the University of London. Etiquette seems to dictate that, in a side-by-side urinal setting, merely making eye contact can lead to a fight.

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