You go outside and you are cold. You get to work and oh my goodness, you are even colder. What could be the reasons why?

Some reasons you can help and some, well, you just can't. So let's do what we can to not be the only cold one in the room.

You could have an underactive thyroid. That could and would zap your energy. It is also responsible for making you gain weight. Your thyroid also regulates your body temperature. So if your metabolism is slow it could be a reason you are cold all the time.

If you don't have enough iron or B-12 in your blood you could end up being anemic. Another culprit to why you may be cold. The other signs of being anemic are fatigue, lightheadedness, rapid heart rate and shortness of breath.

As you get older though your metabolism also slows down. This causes your body's ability to retain heat starts to decline so you will more than likely feel cold as you age.

You could have poor circulation. Do you tend to have cold hands and feet? You go to shake a friends hand and they notice it. This could be due to heart disease or smoking, which are two common reasons for having this condition.

Let's face it ladies. Do you notice how you are the only ones cold; while the men are burning up? Yep it is a real thing. Testosterone can actually dull the sensitivity of one of the main cold receptors in our skin. So guys won't feel cold like we do. That is so unfair.

So bundle up or turn on the heater. Just stay warm this winter.

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