Working from home can be stressful. Heck, working at work can be stressful too. Add the kids doing school work from home, and let's face it, you need a break. While we would all love to drop what we are doing and head out to Palo Duro canyon for the day, most likely you don't have that luxury. That is why we want to help bring a relaxing piece of the canyon to you.

Local photographer, storm chaser, and all around good guy, Bary Nusz, shot 8 minutes of super-relaxing footage inside a private park of the Palo Duro canyon (tap above to view the video). Take a break from the stress of the day, and let the soothing waterfalls and streams take our mind away. Just make sure you don't fall asleep or else you are going to have some explaining to do to your boss.

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