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Imagine strolling through the neighborhood walking your dog and looking into someone's back yard and seeing a Tiger on a leash. Yikes!

A situation very similar to this went down over in San Antonio this week. Even worse is that Animal Care Services isn't really sure what to do next.

KSAT.com reports that Azul Cruz was walking down Elk Runner Street on the Southwest side of San Antonio looking for her lost dog. Azul says she spotted the tiger cub in the photo above living in one of the backyards on that street. Animal Care Services says they get all kinds of crazy calls. Shannon Sims with ACS told KSAT they've been called about a Monkey going wild at the airport but that this was the first tiger in a backyard.

The video clearly shows a Tiger cub which is starting to look much more tiger than 'cub'. Imagine how many small children and pets are within sight of the animal every day. What if it decides it's hungry? If it decides to attack it could be lethal even if it was not trying to be. Cruz called 9-1-1. They asked her if she was sure she saw a tiger.

Sims with ACS says it's technically NOT illegal to own a Tiger in Texas but you have to be in possession of some very specific permits. Here is where it gets tricky. In Texas, you can own a tiger with both a state permit and a federal permit. However, you are subject to the ordinance of the city you live in. In this case, San Antonio says they are forbidden in city limits to be kept as pets. Not very hard to understand as these cats can grow from 10 pounds up to 800 pounds. Nobody's fence is going to hold them in for long.

Once ACS officially locates the animal, whoever owns it may be looking at misdemeanor charges. The animal will have to be removed. Should someone get hurt during the removal, the pet owner could be looking at even more charges and or a prison sentence.

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