Today (May 28) the Texas Legislature approved a bill that will slightly alter our state's still stingy alcohol restrictions. Beginning Sept. 1, Texans will be able to purchase beer and wine at 10 a.m., two hours earlier than the current law, that restricts Sunday beer sales until after 12 noon, a law that I've forgotten existed more than once.

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KXAN reports that the bill was sponsored by Rep. Harold Dutton Jr., D-Houston and the Texas House approved it,115-24. This bill also will allow hotels to sell alcohol to hotel guests at any time of day.

Those hoping to be able to purchase liquor on Sunday, you know like grown people, will unfortunately have to wait. Two more bills that would have allowed liquor sales on Sunday were "left pending in committee," which, as I learned today, means neither is likely to become law.

And just in case you missed this news a couple of weeks ago, alcohol to-go isn't going away in Texas. Two weeks ago Texans permanently got the ability to purchase alcohol to-go from restaurants. You may recall that last March when the pandemic shut us all down, Governor Abbott signed a waiver allowing to-go sales of alcohol. Well, now it has been extended indefinitely.

Abbott signed a bill that permanently allows Texans to purchase alcohol to-go from restaurants. The measure allows beer, wine and mixed drinks to be included in pickup and delivery orders and is meant to help struggling bars and restaurants in the Lone Star State.

But we still can't buy liquor on Sundays.

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