Truck drivers are the people that keep our country running.  They are the ones hitting the road and delivering our food, clothes, cars, equipment, and just about everything we buy.  Without truckers, this country would come to a halt.

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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration defines a large truck as any commercial or non-commercial vehicle with a gross vehicle weight rating of greater than 10,000 lbs, excluding buses and motor homes.

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Truck driving isn't the safest job, and most truck drivers go through training to be able to drive those big rigs.  That's why it was sad to hear that Texas isn't the safest place for our truck drivers.

According to data analyzed by Ohio personal injury lawyer, John Fitch, from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Fitch found the percentage of fatal traffic crashes involving large trucks.

The data found that Texas had 12.8% of all vehicles involved in fatal crashes were trucks.  Out of 6,510 vehicles involved in fatal wrecks in Texas, the number of large trucks involved was 832.  This was the highest in the country.

<p>A spokesperson for John Fitch commented on the findings:</p><p>“During the time period measured there were a total of 5,699 fatal crashes involving trucks across the US, which amounts to 9.3% of the overall number of 61,265 deadly crashes. The states in the top ten all have considerably higher rates of crashes than the national average. It’s important for drivers to be aware of the risks at all times, and particularly in these states.”</p>

The most dangerous state in the country for truck drivers is Nebraska.  Nebraska had 16.1% of vehicles involved in fatal crashes being large trucks. The total number of fatal traffic crashes involving large trucks in 2021 was 50 out of a total of 311 fatal traffic crashes.

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