Everything is bigger in Texas and that includes the speed limit.  Texas has the fastest speed limit over any other state in the country.

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The highest speed in Texas is 85 mph.

Zoom! Zoom!  Now this speed isn't the speed for every highway in Texas.   Most highways in Texas have a top speed of 75 mph, some have 70 mph, and others 65 mph.  However, if you drive or have driven on the stretch of Texas where the speed limit is 85 mph, it's a bit scary, unless you feel the need for speed, then this stretch of highway is for you.

Where in Texas is the posted speed limit of 85 mph?

The highways in Texas where you can drive 85 mph, are Interstate 10 in Seguin, and State Highway 130 between State Highway 45 in Austin.

However, most Texans don't exactly follow those rules of the road, if the speed limit is 75, you can almost guarantee that most Texans are driving 79-80 mph.  When the posted speed limit is 85 mph, that means some are driving close to 90 mph.

Is that dangerous?

It can be, can you imagine the amount of damage that can be done while going nearly 90 mph? No matter how fast you are driving, as a driver, you put your trust in other drivers as well and hope that they are being as safe as possible.

Where's the slowest posted speed limit on highways in the US?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, the lowest posted speed limit on highways in the country is in Hawaii and it is 45 mph.

The average speed limit across the country is 70 -75 mph on highways.  

If you feel the need and want to fly down the highway in Texas, then make the trip to those stretches of highways and hit the gas.  However, just be safe while you are driving that fast.

Let's face it, when we have somewhere to go, we want to get there the fastest way possible, and in Texas, that's fast

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