Many people this year are doing a social distance Thanksgiving and one set of grandparents is still going to be there. Well, sort of.

Over in California, a family received quite the surprise. They were told a big gift was coming from Grandma and Grandpa in Rockwall, Texas. They had no idea what it was going to be. Missy and Barry Buchanan sent a cardboard cutout of themselves to give the grandkids a laugh in a challenging year.

“We all opened it up at the end of the day thinking it was going to be socks or pajamas or something like that,” Missy's daughter Mindy Whittington said. “We opened it up and it was hilarious.” The grandkids have had fun putting grandma and grandpa in weird places around the house.

This is a way for Missy and Barry Buchanan to 'be there' during the holidays, without actually being able to be there. “I want to show our younger generations that we can apart, but we can still be a part of each other’s lives in our celebrations,” Missy said.“We all wish we could be together but she always finds a way to bring us together and celebrate one another,” Mindy said.

Hopefully you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving this year. If you're someone who is traveling, hopefully you do take some precautions while traveling this year. I will not be attending the Dallas Cowboys Thanksgiving game for the first time since I moved down here. It sucks, but we all have to do things different this year.

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