Top Travel Fitness Equipment To Stay In Shape During The Holidays
The holiday season can be hard on your body.
Your whole routine flies out the window from the end of November to the first of the year. So it makes sense that you feel like you don't have time to get to the gym!
If you want to have a happier and healthier holiday season, check out this list of wo…
Where to Buy Pre-Made Thanksgiving Dinner in Amarillo
Thanksgiving Dinner takes a lot of time and prep. It's an labor of love. From baking the turkey, to cooking the stuffing, to making the pies. It takes forever and it is exhausting. What if you didn't have to cook all that food? All you had to do was order it and pick it up, then warm …
Santa Claus Has A Facebook Page!
I know Christmas is still kind of far away, but I found something that is pretty cool.  A Facebook page that does live feeds from the North Pole!

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