Texas Panhandle Pet Savers responded to a tip of dog hoarding in the Amarillo area in the last few days. and while the organization has handled cases like this before they admit that each case is different and nothing surprises them.

The team ran into 34 dogs (18 adults and 16 puppies) living in a 15 foot RV with conditions that were bad enough that each volunteer had to double up their masks due to the smell. it was later confirmed two of the adult dogs were each expecting litters as well.

Due to the nature of the organization they do not have law enforcement power and must get court paper work to seize the animals or rely on the owner's good will and cooperation, in this case the owner turned over 14 of the dogs and nine puppies while giving away the rest.

Texas Panhandle Pet savers are looking for folks to help foster the animals and are looking for donations to help with the care of the puppies

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