When it comes to working not all people are happy with where they work.   Most of the time, they don't have the luxury of switching jobs.

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Why are people in Texas so unhappy with work?

A new study by Deputy found that 1 in 6 employees admit that if they had a different manager they would be more satisfied with their work. Nine in 10 people said that if their employer offered higher pay they would be more happy with their work,  45% said better benefits would make them happier, and 35% said more PTO.

All of those things would make more people happier.  However, something shocking in this study was only 22.3% of those surveyed have ever received a raise.

How Can Employers make their employees more happy?

According to experts from Voice Nation, these are ways to help ensure employee happiness:

  • Listen to your employees and staff
    • Most people are happier when they feel like their employers are hearing them and their concerns.
  • Regular Reviews
    • Giving your employees regular reviews gives you and the employee an idea of where you both stand.  As an employer, you can determine where your employees might need more training.  The employees can see where they can receive more growth and that the employer values them and their position.
  • Encouraging development
    • Offer legitimate useful training that isn't wasting your employees' time and is truly beneficial.
  • Work-Life Balance
    • When an employee is spending more time working than spending time with family and friends, it makes for an unhappy life.  Making sure employees have a balance in their work life and personal life will make for a more productive, less-stressed employee, and an overall happier workplace.  This will also reduce employee burnout.
  • Update the Office Space
    • Make the office more happy.  You can always change the environment by switching up furniture or decor.   Since the pandemic, a lot of offices are hybrid, which includes the option of working from home.  It may be beneficial to your business and your employees if they have the option to work from home.  Some people work better at home, while others work better in an office.

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