Lindy Lou Layman, in an alleged fit of drunken rage, destroyed two Andy Warhol originals in a private Texas residence, each valued at $500,000, by tearing them and pouring wine all over them. She also threw very valuable abstract sculptures across the room, according to US Weekly.

What made her so angry that she was willing to destroy irreplaceable art from one of America's most iconic artists? She was asked to leave after becoming very intoxicated on a first date with high-profile attorney Tony Buzbee of Houston. (I looked him up on YouTube and wasn't disappointed. Dude owns a tank.)

Maybe he should have driven Layman home in that?

I have to ask myself: Why on earth would anyone get that trashed on a first date? Not only is it far from classy, but it also isn't safe.

Layman is facing a Felony Criminal Mischief charge. Probably not that great for her court reporting career.


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