There are prisons all over the world for a reason.  Unfortunately, Texas is home to two of the worst prison in the country.

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Prisons were put into place to keep criminals off the streets and/or to serve a punishment for breaking the law.  However, the punishment is going to prison, not to be treated like an animal when a person is sentenced to prison.

Prison isn't meant to be a social club, a vacation, or a sleep-away camp.  It's punishment and some people go to prison, serve their time and get out and change their lives.  Others are repeat offenders and are in and out of prison for the rest of their lives.  Others have sentences that keep them in prison for decades or the rest of their lives.

Rattankun Thongbun
Rattankun Thongbun

Prison isn't a picnic, however, it shouldn't be total misery 24/7.  In a perfect world, you want the people coming out of prison to become functioning law-abiding citizens and never go back.

Where are the worst prisons in Texas?

According to a new study by Money Inc.  Texas has two different prisons on the list of Worst Prisons in the country.

Reeves County Detention Complex - Pecos, Texas

Google Maps
Google Maps

Reeves County Detention Center was opened in 1986.  This prison is known for the worst overcrowding, this prison houses 3,750.  Unfortunately, this prison is also understaffed.   Most of the inmates are non-violent offenders, and it is also where those entering the country illegally are detained.  This prison is also known for its lack of adequate medical care.  In fact, two different riots broke out, in December 2008 and January/February 2009, due to the lack of medical care.  This isn't the first time this prison has made the list of worst prisons.  It was in the top ten in the May 2013 issue of Mother Jones.

The 2nd worst prison in the country is in Texas

Allan B. Polunsky Unit - Livingston, Texas

Google Maps
Google Maps

Originally named the Terrell Unit, Allan B. Polunsky was opened in 1993 and is known as the most lethal prison.  It's the hardest place to serve in Texas. This prison has a capacity of 2,900 inmates.  It's the death row prison for Texas, those who have been given the death sentence are housed here. This prison wasn't originally the death row prison of Texas but became that prison in May of 1999.   Most inmates are alone in a single cell for 22 hours of the day with no TV and no visitors.

Texas is home to 64 prisons and unfortunately,  2 of those prisons are the worst in the country.

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