The race to win Peter Fuller's heart on The Bachelor this week kicked off in the faraway town of Cleveland, Ohio. Yep, you heard us correctly. Normally, the contestants head out of the country for this next part of the competition. By the genuine shock producers caught on camera, you could tell the girls were trying to act surprised, but internally were hoping to head overseas. Who knew the prime location to fall in love was Cleveland, Ohio…kidding!


The first date in Cleveland went to Victoria Fuller. Their date consisted of Peter flying them to Cedar Point Amusement Park (no biggie…just your boyfriend flying you around town), where Victoria’s fear of heights was put to the test.

However, Victoria’s fear of heights was about to become small compared to the epic awkward situation that unfolded next. They ended up at a concert, but the plot twist here is that the performer, Chase Rice, was Victoria’s ex! Between both of the shocked looks on Chase and Victoria’s face, it was clear neither one of them knew this was going to happen (pour more wine, we aren’t finished).

Afterward, Victoria was clearly frazzled and booked it out of the concert. Peter went to introduce himself (off-script) to Chase and still had no clue what was going on. Chase didn’t bring it up to Peter, which we find admirable. During Peter’s fanboy moment, the cameras cut to Victoria telling producers that not only was she upset, but before she came on the show, Chase had told her he didn’t want her to do it.

Then it was Victoria’s turn. With the tension strong, she told Chase she couldn’t lie to Peter about their past. Chase encouraged her to do whatever was best for her and to be real with him (attaboy Chase!). Peter handled the news like a champ and wasn’t upset with Victoria. He appreciated her honesty and gave her the date rose. We guess Chase won’t be singing at their wedding (darn).


On the group date, the girls let off a little steam with a game of football. By “little” we mean a lot of steam, as we’ve never seen girls tackle so aggressively! However, the date got juicy because not only did Alayah shock the girls and Peter by resurfacing, but also Peter gave her the date rose. Yeah, the girls were ticked and didn’t hold back telling Peter how they felt.

Clearly Alayah and Victoria P. had conflicting stories of their friendship, so Peter pulled them aside to hash it out, but just added more fuel to the fire. Both still had different answers, leaving Peter confused on who to trust.

Let’s pause the drama and cut to Kelsey Weier’s solo date with Peter before all hell broke loose. They explored Cleveland together and Peter ended up giving her the date rose! Yay love!

Alrighty — let the drama continue.

All the girls were hacked Alayah is back, but Victoria had an even bigger reason to be upset. Alayah went around telling the girls about Victoria and Chase. Obviously, that wasn’t her place to say anything, and Victoria and Peter were both clearly upset Alayah had been gossiping.

The episode left us hanging with Peter worried all the women might walk out on him at this point.


Here’s who was eliminated: NO ONE. They left us hanging on the group date drama!


Honestly, you might want to come well rested for next Monday. It looks like it will be filled with lots and tears, yelling…and an ambulance?! Surely, Peter will send Alayah home, but we will just have to wait and see. Also, we will get not just one, but two episodes of The Bachelor next week! Yep, the show will air on Monday, Feb. 3  at 8PM ET and Wednesday, Feb. 5  at 8PM ET.

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