Grilled Cheese!  It's a comfort food.  It's a delicacy.  It's a part of life.  Today we celebrate the grilled cheese.  Here's some great places in Amarillo to celebrate the grilled cheese.

Yellow City Street Food - 2916 Wolflin Ave

A grilled cheese with bacon served on a donut.  Sounds crazy, but  those who have tried it say it is delicious.  Or try the french toast grilled cheese.

Yelp via Deona F
Yelp via Deona F
French toast grilled cheese Yellow City Street Food
Yelp Via RinandScott B.

Calico County - 2410 Paramount

Try their grilled cheese, even better, try their grilled cheese with ham.

Blue Sky - 4201 I-40 & 5060 S. Coulter

Yes the grilled cheese may be seen as a kid's food, but don't miss out on the one at Blue Sky, spice it up and ask them to add green chile.

Golden Light Cafe - 2906 SW 6th

You can't really go wrong with anything at the Golden Light Cafe however they have an awesome grilled cheese. Ask them to make it with Green Chilies and it is even better!

Golden Light Cafe
Yelp Via Tamara Y.

Trail Boss Ranch Cooking - 4925 S. Western

You have to try the Tres Quesos Grilled Cheese it's cheddar, swiss and pepper jack cheese. Make sure you order it on Jalapeno Bread. Yum! Apparenlty there is a specialty menu where you can order Murph's Wildfire Grilled Cheese that has four slices of cheese including Ghost Pepper Cheese, Habanero Cheese and Cheddar cheese. That sounds quite spicy!

Murph's Wildfire Grilled Cheese Trail Boxx
Yelp Via Kim H.

Let me just say, it's the Sonic bread that makes this Grilled Cheese so good. The think slices of toast. It is just yummy. You cannot go wrong with a Grilled Cheese from Sonic. Best of all, I would be willing to guess they just might have a deal on Grilled Cheese today, but don't quote me on that.

Sonic Grilled Cheese
Yelp Via Diana O

Zemer's Deli - 701 S. Taylor in the Happy State Bank Building

They have this amazing avocado grilled cheese. I mean two things that are amazing, cheese and avocado, and when you put them together on bread and toast them, you get something amazing.

zemer's deli avocado grilled cheese and soup
yelp via david a

So let us know where you get the best grilled cheese in town! Did yours make the list?

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