This is such a huge family event at the Don Harrington Discovery Center, a new 2020 traveling exhibit, Amazing Butterflies!

Now through May 17th soar on a journey with friends and reveal the strange relationship between caterpillars, butterflies, and their surroundings at the DHDC.

Enter the interactive maze through the huge monarch caterpillar tunnel. Adventure through the leaves, learn how to move like a caterpillar, discover an ant that reaps the reward of an unusual friendship, then transform into a butterfly and take flight!

Families can explore this interactive experience and learn the surprising challenges butterflies face every day. Become a caterpillar and find your way through a secret, wild world.

As you navigate the terrain filled with challenges around every twist and turn, take on puzzles, games and exciting interactive challenges. The brave can even take to the air and soar down the butterfly zip slide. You’ll discover fascinating facts about one of our planets’ most amazing life cycles.

But beware, the maze includes dead ends, down which, lurks poisonous plants and predators waiting to pounce. Choose the right route, stamp your card along the way, and emerge as a beautiful butterfly.

To get directions and more information click here.


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