I’m not sure why you would attempt to improve upon perfection, but I guess Paramount is going to try.

Deadline reports that they have commissioned a new version of Face/Off the immortal 1997 action thriller from director John Woo, writers Mike Werb and Colleary, and stars John Travolta and Nicolas Cage as a cop and a psychotic criminal (respectively) who switch faces because, my dudes, the name of the movie is Face/Off.

Acting their guts (and faces) off as each other, Travolta and Cage gave Hall of Fame performances in the film, and Woo, given one of his biggest budgets during his tenure in Hollywood, produced some of the most extravagant, ludicrous action sequences of the era. It’s an awesome movie. It’s bonkers, but it’s awesome. So ... let’s do it again?

More, from Deadline:

The studio will reboot the film, with new cast. Oren Uziel has been set to write the script, and Neal Moritz will produce and David Permut will be executive producer.

Uziel’s credits include 22 Jump Street (hey, that’s good!), The Cloverfield Paradox (uhhhhhhh), and the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog movie (😬😬😬).

All right, so let’s get into it. If you have to cast two actors to swap faces and play each other in Face/Off 20/20 (and yes, that is definitely what they should call it) who do you pick? Leonardo DiCaprio and Brad Pitt? (I mean, they can play each other’s stunt doubles...) Robert Downey Jr. and Keanu Reeves? I say: let Cage and Travolta do it again, this time with the roles reversed; Cage starts as the cop and Travolta starts as the criminal and then they flip again. So then it’s a reboot and kind of a sequel too. Everyone would be happy!

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