This is a match made in crazy-movie heaven. Richard Kelly, the writer-director behind 'Donnie Darko' and Southland Tales,' will be writing and directing 'Amicus,' which has Nicolas Cage set to star. It's a true life story about murder and justice, with Cage playing a lawyer (which - to be fair - doesn't sound that out there).

But the story, as Variety tells us, is pretty nuts. It follows the true-life crime of Lawrence Horn, a record producer and Motown Records exec who hired a hit man (who learned from a how-to book) to murder his wife, quadriplegic son and the son's overnight nurse. Cage would play Rodney Smolla, the first amendment specialist brought in to sue the book company that published the how-to, and there are a number of big twist and turns in the five-year long lawsuit.

Kelly has adapted a mostly true story before when he wrote the script for 'Domino' (that film was directed by Tony Scott), and it's good to see him back in the ring and we're hopeful for this project. Though 'The Box' and 'Southland Tales' didn't connect at the box office, both are worth a look, and Nicolas Cage can still give a great performance - even if a number of his more recent roles have reduced him to DTV work or caricature. The film is scheduled to start shooting at the beginning of 2013.

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