The lyrics to the Dirt Drifters‘ latest single ‘There She Goes’ were crafted in the early stages of the band’s formation by three of its current members, along with the help of two other key people who helped launch them into being one of country music’s hottest new bands on the rise.

“It’s actually one of the oldest songs on the record,” the band’s Jeff Middleton tells Taste of Country. “It’s one that kind of was part of the evolution of the band really early on. I wrote it with Matt [Fleener], Ryan [Fleener] and their little brother [Levi], who is also a songwriter and runs merch for us on the road, and another buddy of ours named Blue Foley, who was actually in the room when the band started to evolve out of a songwriting session.”

That girl she just left like a hurricane / You were standin’ in a pourin’ rain / Screamin’ out her first name / Well you know you should have seen it comin’ from a mile away / But you didn’t hear the wind change / Until you felt your heart break / And now it’s way too late,” they wrote in the opening lyrics to ‘There She Goes.’

“I think the songwriting process for this song was mostly what we do … sit around and make up something,” explains Matt Fleener. “We put a couple of words together and see what sounds good. If everybody agrees on it, we move on.”

‘Cause there she goes / Pedal mashed down, painted red toes / Sunglasses on, headed south down a dirt road / There she goes / Bye bye back to the wind / She’s gone baby gone, you’ll never see her again / Yeah there she goes / You ain’t nothin’ but a used to be, another memory / There she goes,” they wrote in the chorus.

“When we were writing the song, what we thought was cool was the vocal swap — the alternating vocal with Matt and myself,” says Jeff. “When we were in the room, that was kind of the thing. We were like, ‘Oh, we should do this thing then!’”

“It was the ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’ method,” Matt adds with a grin.

“It’s one of those songs that’s been around for a while, and we play it pretty much no matter what the set is,” Jeff says. “We’re really happy that it’s the single.”