Every day, we see plenty of advertisements popping up on our computer screens, tablets, phones, basically everywhere. Nothing is scarier than having a conversation with someone in real life and then later that day, an advertisement shows up with the exact product you're looking for.

Sometimes, it's a good thing. If you were looking for something specific but couldn't find it on your own, those ads can be a good thing. There was a time I was looking for a specific holographic shower curtain and couldn't find anything that looked similar. After speaking my wishes into the air (several times in front of my phone and computer) some options started popping up in my ads. I now have the jewel-toned bathroom I had been dreaming of.

But sometimes the advertisements you're shown have nothing to do with what you've been Googling or discussing in front of your smart devices. It's just something the internet lords think you'd be persuaded into buying. And that's exactly how I ended up getting some pretty weird Etsy ads.

Etsy is a website where users buy and sell handmade and vintage items. The site is known for having unique things for sale you can't get anywhere else. It was an Etsy advertisement on Facebook that brought me to this random purchase.

When scrolling through my Facebook feed, I found this wooden gem pop up on my advertisements. The wood photo frame features Chad Kruger from Nickelback holding up a picture, just as he did in the "Photograph" music video. I chuckled out loud and knew I was going to buy it. The frame was made by Noble Intent Co. and costs $35, which is a little expensive for a gag gift to myself. But hey, if it made me laugh out loud, it has to be worth it. And it was. Once the frame came in the mail, I was so excited to rip open the package and see it for myself.

Once the package was opened, I knew it was worth every penny. I laughed out loud again and can't wait to decide which picture I'll be putting in the frame. Most likely one of myself and Tubby because if anything is as ridiculous as this frame, it has to be my dog's photoshoots.

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