Are viewers ready to trade in that Jersey accent for a southern drawl ? CMT sure hopes so , because they are unveiling a new reality tv show called 'Texas Women' that's set to air July 14th.So what should we expect ?

These ain’t no desperate housewives: CMT has ordered a new docu-soap reality show about ambitious young working women in Texas.

In the upcoming Texas Women, a quartet of friends work in the rodeo and country music scene by day and party by night in the Lone Star State. There’s a competitive barrel racer (if you don’t know what that is, you haven’t been to enough rodeos), a part-time barrel racer, a stock contractor, and an aspiring singer. ( via

Hmmmm,  Rodeo Queens, country stars and drama...sounds like my days as a sorority girl lol. But the guys over at CMT promise lots of crazy drama and fun to tune in for each week.

“They’re kick ass. They can fight like cats on a Saturday night, then wake-up Sunday, apologize, and go to church together,” says Jayson Dinsmore, CMT’s executive vp of development.

Well, of course they're kick ass, they ARE Texas women after all! You know I'll be tuning in to check it out , and hoping they can get rid of the Jersey Shore kids once and for all ! But , I doubt that happens since CMT and MTV are owned by the same people.  Oh well, at least I'll be able to understand these girls when they talk lol let me know what ya think about the new series "Texas Women' ! In the mean time here's some vintage Hank Jr to get ya in the mood for those Texas Women ;)