Police were called to the local Wal-Mart in Canyon after someone intentionally set the bathroom on fire.


A fire was started inside of the men's bathroom in Canyon, TX on Tuesday. Employees noticed the fire when a customer notified them smoke was coming from the restroom.

The Employees of the Wal-Mart were able to put out the fire which some of the staff was saying was a blaze as high as 6-feet tall.Immediately the police were called in to investigate how or why the fire was started.

When officers searched the inside of the men's bathroom the noticed the fire was intentionally set when they noticed a rag and some accelerant inside of a bucket. The police then checked the store surveillance tapes to see if they could catch the suspect leaving the restroom.

After the tapes were viewed the description of the suspect was released and the suspect was found and arrested shortly after. The perpetrator was described as a 53-year old homeless man who claimed to be living in Amarillo, he also has a criminal history traced to Oklahoma and Tulia, TX. The suspect is being charged with Arson.

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