We all do it , and there's a chance a gift you give someone will be returned this Christmas. The color was wrong, the size was off, it was just plain hideous. Whatever the reason, the number of  gift returns give the actual gift buying a run for its money. So what are the most returned gifts and what can you do to make the process easier for those on your list ?

The most returned gifts to avoid.

  • Clothing, 74%.
  • Items for the home, 11%.
  • Beauty or fragrance, 8%.
  • Electronics, 5%.
  • Jewelry or watches, 2%

While that may not give you much left to work with there are a few simple things you can do to make life easier on the gift recipient.

  • If you're the giver, please DO include a gift receipt in the box. Hopefully the retailer won't pull a fast one and give the returner a post-holiday sale price, rather than cash or credit for the price you paid.
  • If you realize a present is not what you want, DO NOT open the manufacturer's box it came in, particularly if it's something electronic. The store may charge a restocking fee or not accept the return at all if it's been opened.

And finally, here are some interesting fact about what people do with those unwanted gifts.

Eighteen percent donated it to charity; 15 percent re-gifted it to an unsuspecting family member, friend, or coworker; 11 percent returned the item to the retailer for a refund or merchandise credit, the same percentage . . . elected to toss the gift in the trash. Six percent tried to resell their lousy gifts.

Ouch...that's definitely something to think about when your cruising the department stores for that "perfect" gift. There's a chance you may be getting it back as a gift at a later date, or all your hard work could be thrown out with the garbage.Right about now gift cards sound like the perfect gift ! For a few more ideas that made the "good" list try this link. Merry Christmas ;)