Season 14 Battle Rounds continued on The Voice March 26—a round that involves coaches Blake Shelton, Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, and Alicia Keys, enlisting the help of celebrity mentors to ready their teams for battle—with two singers from each team going head to head. The winner of each battle moves on to the Knockouts round. The loser goes home, or can be stolen by another coach.

This evening started off on a strong foot with two of Team Blake's most country-oriented contestants, Kaleb Lee vs. Pryor Baird. Followers of the show will recall that the whiskey-voiced Baird was a four-chair turn, something Lee noted with resignation. "I gotta go up against that," he said.

However, Lee has a strong story and vocals of his own, and Shelton rightfully said of their matchup, "Here on Team Blake we don’t get too many battles like that."

The pair were assigned a classic by the late, revered Tom Petty, 1979's upbeat-but-cautionary "Don't Do Me Like That." Shelton told the two that the song would be a challenge, due to the fact the original was performed by such a universally beloved icon. Mentor Trace Adkins weighed in as well, advising the two: "This song is hallowed ground... Just hit it."

That they did, heeding the advice to "Go out there and have fun, but be reverent." It was a tight battle from the beginning, and in the end Clarkson raved, "“Each of you brought your A-game out.” Both she and Keys cast their vote for Lee, while Levine went for Baird (whom he'd liked in the audition stage).

Shelton kept everyone wondering for a bit whom he'd choose, musing that "Both of these guys in their 30s put music aside, and it’s shocking, because to hear it, it sounds like you're still playing in a bar every night." He noted Lee "stepped up," while complimenting Baird with being "for real."

In the end? Shelton went with Baird. But...but...Clarkson swooped in and used a steal on Lee. "I’ve been a big fan of his since the blind auditions," she explained. "I had to get him on my team!" So, both singers will advance to the next round!

We'll be keeping an eye on Season 14's doings every Monday and Tuesday, so be sure to check in each week.

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