There's a reason The Boot named Tyler ChildersPurgatory the best Americana album of 2017: Yeah, it's awesome that Sturgill Simpson produced the LP, but even more important than who was in the studio with Childers is what he created in the studio. Purgatory is one of the realest and most authentic records in recent memory, from Childers' piercing lyrics to the boundary-pushing dynamics of the music found on the 10 tracks.

"I was writing an album about being in the mountains," Childers said when Purgatory was first announced. "I wanted it to have that gritty mountain sound. But at the same time, I wanted a more modern version of it that a younger generation can listen to — the people I grew up with, something I'd want to listen to."

Blending the classic beauty of country music with a sound that's unique to him in the 21st century, Childers is an artist you need to know more about. Check out the photo gallery below to learn more about Childers, then make sure to spin Purgatory as soon as you can, and if you get a chance to catch him on the road, don't miss it.

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