There's a new phone scam making the rounds here in Amarillo. Scammers are preying on how you pray. There's always folks willing to make a fast buck but this one kinda has me scratching my head because of what it is. Here's what's going on

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Like any good scam, the folks running this one are pulling on your heartstrings saying that the church needs help with the cause of the week and being a good parishioner that you are you figure why not? Well, unfortunately they only donations these folks are taking are to the fund of fatten my wallet for my own salvation. Sadly none of this is going to the actual church.

There's something about posing as a church to rip folks off

Priest at podium during ceremony

I'm not one of those folks who preaches or anything but using the church as an excuse or justification for a scam seems like one of those things that could come back to haunt you in more than just a criminal sense (you're gonna get caught anyway) but with Karma too. I don't know how these things work but surely there's gotta be some kind of higher power here that would kick in on something like this. It will come back in some way for the folks who are pulling this garbage off.

The Amarillo Diocese says they have no such fundraising efforts and honestly they usually ask in person while you're in service.

Hang On To Your Wallet

Like any good scam the secret is to keep asking them, eventually they trip up on their own words. if it sounds too good to be true, that's because it is. it's easier just to hang up.

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