I'll admit, finding your way around Amarillo is a breeze. The nice grid pattern makes things relatively easy to find and I have yet to get lost here in Bomb City. But there's one thing I've noticed (besides the potholes...): some of these intersections are just downright nuts.

I'm not talkin' maintenance... these intersections are just...  bad

I know the city is doing their best to try and fix a few streets around town. What I'm looking at here is the overall design. One common feature to all these dangerous intersections is that they all have narrow lanes and poor markings along with awkward yields or merging lanes that just add to the misery.

Anyways, I rounded up the worst of the worst, according to me.

45th & Bell

45th & Bell Southbound
Google Maps

This flaming poop pile of an intersection offers plenty of hazardous turns. If you're going west on 45th and turning onto Bell, the yield happens to place you right at the spot where eastbound traffic is turning onto north Bell. I've seen my fair share of red light-runners here in all directions.

Bell and 34th

Google Maps
Google Maps

Don't get me started with this bit of Amarillo traffic gold. As you make your way west on 34th past Bell, get out of that right lane quick or else you better be prepared to merge while heading away from southbound traffic on Bell. Add a traffic light at the end of this at Danvers and you have a great recipe for a brake check.

45th and Western

45th Western

45th makes a second appearance on this list. This calls for an award! Maybe not... There's nothing more fun than approaching this from the west making your way east as 45th bends into the intersection with plenty of businesses adding awkward crossings here.

I-40 and Georgia

I40 Georgia

Oh boy... don't even get me going here... there's too much goodness to explain and one of my coworkers does a beautiful job explaining the hot flaming garbage dumpster fire that this is. Let's just say I'll be glad when they get this construction and reconfiguration done. Hopefully TXDOT has top personnel on this...

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I suspect that I may have missed or overlooked a few other dangerous intersections in town, so why don't you tell me which ones I need to include next time? Easiest way to holler at me is to download the app and shoot me a chat message from there.

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