You have to love Facebook. Like Craiglist, you can buy pretty much anything. Which is perfect for the holidays. You can buy books, video games, a couch or a car. How about a coffin. Yeah, apparently you can buy that on Facebook too.

A guy in McComb, Mississippi (of course) is selling a "slightly used" coffin. Kyng Major is the man selling the coffin and he says it was buried three years ago. He goes on to say that they "just pulled it back up because we decided to go a different route". I am hoping that means they took the person out of it and had them cremated. Please tell me that is what he meant.

Anyway, Major is asking for $200 for the coffin. So far, no one has bit on this great deal. Here is what the coffin looks like.

What is something crazy you have seen for sale on Facebook? Tell us in the comment section below.

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