Talk about bad timing! At one point or another, many people have gotten a tattoo that they regret or think is dumb. In this case, Leah Holland of Kentucky, didn't think her tattoo was actually dumb, she just had really bad timing!

In a TikTok trend where people are sharing their dumb tattoos, Holland responded with her tattoo that she got on March 4, 2020 (that date is important- remember it!)

She explains that she's been wanting the tattoo for a couple of years and it's suppose to signify being true to yourself. According to her interview with BuzzFeed News, she'd stewed on the idea for about two years before she actually got it. Holland explains that a friend of hers actually gave her the idea.

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According to BuzzFeed News, two days after Holland got her tattoo, Kentucky got their first case of COVID-19. If we all remember in the beginning, masks weren't a big deal- then Holland says it got crazy!

"I assumed that we would probably have to wear masks and stuff. I didn’t think that the anti-maskers were going to be such a thing." 

Holland, for the record, isn't an anti-masker- her caption even says so. But, because she was so worried people would immediately label her as an anti-masker, Holland says that for the entire summer she wore long sleeves to hide her tattoo so that people wouldn't misconstrue it.

Holland does say that while the timing of the tattoo is unfortunate, she finds it hilarious now and can laugh at it.


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