Every weekend in Amarillo you can easily find live music. Pick a bar or restaurant, and you will more than likely find someone picking and singing.

That doesn't mean that's all there is to do.

Here's a quick look at some other things happening this weekend.

Axe Throwing

Yes. We have a place in town where you can go to brush up on your axe throwing skills. This weekend, they'll be kicking off their league play. You can find out more by following this link. You can also check out their social media page for updates and more info.

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Take In A Night At The Opera

Not the classic Marx Brothers movie A Night At The Opera. No, this is a new operatic work you can see performed in Amarillo at the Amarillo College Concert Hall called "R.S.B.E. Remove Shoes Before Entering!" You can find out more by following this link.

There's A Pageant This Weekend

I don't know that it would be something that you would want to go sit through necessarily, but there is a pageant being held this weekend. It's the Amarillo Area Cinderella Prelim Pageant. It caught my eye because my wife made me sit through Drop Dead Gorgeous for the first time the other night.

Take In A Talent Show In Dumas

There's a big talent show in Dumas. It's the Moore Talent Show and it will be at the Evelyn Theater. It's tonight, so plan accordingly.

Watch Funny Cars Drag Race

It's actually ten times cooler than it sounds. Funny Car Chaos is happening this weekend at the Amarillo Dragway. They have events planned tonight and tomorrow. If you're looking for something to do with the kids, this one looks like it is worth checking out. I did some digging on the website, and I'm honestly interested in this one. Check out the photos and info by clicking on this link.

Of course, these aren't the only things scheduled to take place this weekend. There's a lot happening in Amarillo. All you have to do is look, or ask around.

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