As any fan who's spent time on Thomas Rhett's Instagram page can attest, the singer is a major fan of the holiday season. In 2019, he upped his Christmas game even more, putting out not one but two Christmas tunes of his own.

"I've never recorded Christmas music before, and this year, it just seemed really fitting," Rhett told The Boot and other outlets at a recent press event. "My wife's been on me to record a Christmas album or EP for a long time. So, we went into the studio and recorded a classic, and then I wrote an original."

The result is Rhett's take on the iconic holiday tune "The Christmas Song," as well as "Christmas in the Country." Rhett penned the latter specifically for the occasion, with help from co-writers Ashley Gorley, Chris Tomlin and David Garcia; however, he admits, it's not easy to write an original holiday song.

"Because it's kind of impossible to write a classic. You know what I'm saying?" Rhett adds with a laugh. "You just kind of hope that it's cool enough to get played one year, and then maybe it'll get played the next year. But I think my dream in life would be to write a classic Christmas song that gets played until my kids are older."

The singer isn't sure yet if he'll expand on his holiday discography beyond the two songs he recently shared. "I don't know if it's just gonna be two or if we're gonna add to that," he offers, adding that, either way, the process of recording holiday music has been "really, really fun."

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