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I'm still new to TikTok. I don't even have an account. Luckily, I have friends that are less social media-stunted than I am that point out the really good stuff to me.

TikTok user definitely_not_travis made a series of four videos featuring the "dress code" of major Texas cities. Of course, Amarillo made the cut, complete with a thrown tortilla. This guy just gets it.

Here's Part 2, which begins with Lubbock. Each city also gets its own signature song. Lubbock got "Red Solo Cup," although "Old Town Road" would have worked just as well:

And here's the other three videos, which are just absolutely perfect. Texas is such a great state, and each major city certainly has its own special flavor. Austin is hilarious in the first video:

NGL: I wheeze laughed at Abilene. (Sorry, y'all.)

And last but not least, Laredo even gets its own line dance:


God Bless Texas, y'all.

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