Here are a few tips to driving in icy conditions. These actually came from a police officer.

Here are the tips:

1. Don’t drive. If you don’t have to, don’t.

2. Brake early and brake slowly. If you slam on the brakes today, you’re going to lose control.
3. Brake in a straight line, accelerate in a straight line, not on a curve.
4. Avoid brake or gas on bridges and flyovers. Coast and steer.
5. Leave way more following distance than normal, and have an evasion strategy to your right and to your left when possible.
6. Take evasive action early and gently. No sudden moves of the steering wheel today, people.
7. If people are passing you like you’re standing still, you’re probably driving an appropriate speed. You’re smarter than they are.
8. Today is about reaching the finish line, folks. Not winning the race. Get there safely. If you’re late, you’re late. If you crash, you’re gonna be late anyway.
9. The roads aren’t dry. Don’t act like they are.
10. Buckle up, and stay off your phone!
Please everyone be careful out there. If you don't have to get today DON'T! Most schools are closed. Hopefully you can work from home.
We are already seeing multiple accidents on the roads this morning.
Yesterday MPD responded to 65 accidents. These conditions are no joke.
The conditions probably aren't going to get any better. Temperatures aren't expected to get above freezing until Tuesday and we will probably see wind chill temps in the negatives.

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