What do Gloriana's Tom Gossin and actor Burt Reynolds have in common? On the surface, not much... Well, that was the case until Gossin was left to his own devices while trimming his beard and made a few errant moves. He ended up resembling the screen star, who was one of the most successful actors of his day.

According the tweets issued on the official Gloriana Twitter feed, Gossin was trimming his beard and screwed up, so he had to shave it off. The result found him looking like the screen icon and national treasure we call Burt Reynolds, who is known for his neatly and expertly manscaped mustache, which has morphed from its signature black hue into more of a salt and pepper shade.

While Gossin is blond and his mustache is the same, there is a little bit of Burt in this look.

Gloriana's Rachel Reinert was highly amused by the facial hair mishap. She tweeted: "Today Tom screwed up while trimming his beard, had to shave, and now he looks like Burt Reynolds. My day=made –r."

Then they shared the photo, which you can see above. When Tom is positioned next to Burt, you can see the resemblance. Here's to hoping that Gossin's beard grows back and quick. That is, unless he likes the Burt Reynolds look.

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