From cute and cuddly kittens to obnoxious tweens, 2011 was full of videos that left everyone talking. Maybe you're still trying to get some of them out of your head, or maybe you still can't get enough of them. Either way here are the videos that made it into the top 10 this year on Youtube!

  • 10

    Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten

    While I am normally a dog person, I think even my dogs would agree this is pretty stinkin cute ! Proving cuddly sells, Cat Mom Hugs Baby Kitten comes in at #10 !

  • 9

    The Force: Volkswagen

    This mini Darth Vador got BIG laughs in this Volkswagen ad, and made it the #9 most viewed video of 2011 on Youtube !

  • 8

    Maria Aragon- Born This Way Lady Gaga Cover

    Move over Lady Gaga, this little girl has amazing talent and doesn't need a meat outfit to land her on the #8 spot of most viewed videos this year!

  • 7

    The Creep (featuring Nicki Minaj and John Waters)

    Only on Youtube can you be this popular for being a creep. This video comes in at #7 for the most watched of 2011.

  • 6

    Look At Me Now - Cover by Karmin Music

    Yet another cover song that passes up the original for a top 10 spot. Busta Rimes, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne get outdone by this couple with a keyboard in their living room for the #6 spot !

  • 5

    Nyan Cat

    There really is no explanation or reason why this has over 54,321,781 views...But nonetheless, it comes in at # 5 for 2011.

  • 4

    Talking Twin Babies

    If one baby is cute, two is even cuter. And if they're having a conversation on video? Well, that equals the #4 most watched Youtube video of 2011 !

  • 3

    Jack Sparrow Featuring Michael Bolton ( Adult Content)

    If funny is sexy, then the #3 video of 2011 is verrrry sexy ! Jack Sparrow, Forrest Gump, Michael Bolton and ocean breezes. Watch it all come together in this one !

  • 2

    Ultimate Dog Tease

    A cute dog THAT  TALKS !  That's all you need to make it to the #2 position of most watched videos for 2011.

  • 1

    Rebecca Black-Friday

    The song that made us all hate the last day of the week, still somehow made it to the top spot for 2011. Coming in at #1 for the most watched Youtube videos in 2011, it's Rebecca Black with Friday.