When you live in somewhat of a farming area, you never know what you might find roaming the street.

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We also live in an area where a lot of our pets get lost and we are unable to find them.  We are lucky enough to have a lot of lost pet pages on social media where we can go and post.  However, I just happened to be scrolling through social media and a lost pet post popped up and it was not something I had not expected to see.

Someone posted about a lost pig. Here's the cutie right here.

Photo Credit: Letty Perez
Photo Credit: Letty Perez

This pig was just cruising along, hanging out at Forest Hill Elementary School. I guess he was wanting to go learn something. Maybe not, but how often do you see a pig just traveling along in a neighborhood?

Obviously, this little porker is well-fed.  

Photo Courtesy: Letty Perez
Photo Courtesy: Letty Perez

I realize that a lot of people do have pet pigs (I for one would love to have a pet pig), but I just never expect to see one on the loose and lost.

You know when you see a post about a pig out for a walk, you know the comments will be amazing.

In his mind he’s just going for a walk. Someone save this piggy until the owners can get it before piggy becomes breakfast


This swine belongs with it's family
Hopefully it won't be killed


I’ve sent a message to the possible owner of this pig. She lives in that area but works in a another town, and is unable to go home and check. IF it is hers, it’s name is Clover.


Can someone try and catch her I think it’s mine!!! I’m all the way at Highland Park

For those of you thinking, "Yum, breakfast".  I get it but ya know, not cool.  We don't want to eat this baby, he or she is someone's pet

Ironically this seems to happen a lot.

Well hopefully, this pet find its way home soon. If not, just let me know, I would foster for a few days!

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