Yesterday we told you about a man who was randomly walking up to women in stores and shopping centers, starting up a conversation and then touching them inappropriately.  Well apparently the story went so viral on social media that something was done.

Townsquare Media

On Sunday, July 24th, the police were called to Ross Dress for less about that male suspect touching a female's leg.   Unfortunately, the suspect was unable to be located after the incident because he left the store.  However, the Amarillo Police Department were called out to the block of Adirondack about the same man harassing yet another female.  APD detained the man, but have yet to arrest this man.  The investigation is still open.  The man's name and identity will not be released until formal charges have been brought against him or an arrest has been made.

This is just my opinion, but I do not believe that this man will stop what he is doing, so if you have this man come near you then call the police immediately.  Here is that Facebook post again.