Five years ago there weren't as many students attending school as there is now. Having to have classes inside portable buildings since there isn't enough room inside the main buildings.

AISD is planning to make more room for Palo Duro High School and Emerson, Eastridge, Margaret Wills and Tradewind elementary schools to accommodate the growing student population. As for Sanborn Elementary School it will also receive a new cafeteria/kitchen area and the space will be used as classrooms.

Currently the city has 86 portable buildings throughout AISD. As district enrollment has grown by nearly 2,000 students since the 2008-09 school year, according to Texas Education Agency data. Managing future growth or increases in enrollment is almost impossible. Palo Duro will have five new classrooms, two new science laboratories and an unfinished basement in case of future growth. Also Tradewind and Emerson will have six new classrooms plus Eastridge and Wills will have eight new classrooms.

Work on the projects has already begun, and more is scheduled to begin in a couple of weeks. The additions should be finished by the start of the 2013-14 school year. With that it will help out the facilities in the future as Amarillo keeps growing it would also take the pressure off on how to keep the students in a comfortable learning environment.

Metrobus @ Flickr
Metrobus @ Flickr

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