I remember driving by one day and noticing the Hastings Distribution Center was gone. I had heard about this place that Amarillo Independent School District was putting up. I didn't know much about it.

It's not far from my house so I would drive by occasionally and see this place start going up. I couldn't believe how big it was. I couldn't wait to see inside it. I was going to see inside it.

Then they announced their Open House and Ribbon Cutting. Oh yeah, that was going to be my chance. I talked my daughter into going with me. The whole time we were walking through she kept saying she wished this was a thing when she was in school.

Do the kids that go there and end up going there realize how great they have it? They can leave school with a direction. They can go right to work if they want to. This is a great opportunity for many students.

There will be nine different schools with thirty different career paths. They have so many career paths. If college is not your thing all hope is not lost.

AmTech So Jealous of What They Have

LOOK: This "Amarillo Pictorial" is an Amazing Collection of Historical Photos!

Wow. Just wow.

Robbi McDaniel Rivers dug up this incredible magazine published in 1931. You'll find the many Amarillo buildings and landmarks that you know and love--they're brand new in these photos!



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