If you grew up in Amarillo you get it. Things change. You may not like it. You miss some of the places that are now gone.

We remember spending every Friday and Saturday night walking up and down the aisles of Hastings. We were looking for a great movie to take home. If the movie was not there we would go up front and check to see if anyone had returned the one we were hunting for.

Or we would go to Ruby Tequilas's when it was on Paramount. We would go into the back dining area and watch as the tortillas were being made. We loved watching them go through the machine.

We knew we were getting the freshest tortillas. Oh, and we were happy with that.

Even though we hate change we know it has to happen. We have to evolve. We have to close down the old to get some new places in town.

How the locations have changed over the year.

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