Sometimes when you get that craving, you just have to have it.

Chick-Fil-A has a tendency to invoke that exact kind of craving.

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The question is, how far would you go and what are you willing to sacrifice to grab that tasty chicken sandwich?

If your primary location is the one off Coulter, then you're willing to pretty much risk your car to grab some chicken. Why do I say that?

When you hit the drive thru there off of Coulter, that line can get long. I mean...LONG. The drive thru window isn't exactly in an optimal place. When you pull in off the street, well it's basically right there.

And when that line gets long, like it often is, that line extends out onto Coulter itself.

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Google Maps

I mean, you can see for yourself right there. See how that line is leaking literally onto Coulter? Now, this causes a couple of issues.

One, the traffic behind you. When this line extends out that far, it takes away an entire lane to navigate through one of Amarillo's busiest streets. This only creates road rage and frustration, which ultimately leads to my next problem.

Accidents. A lot of them. Any time a car is stopped in the middle of a lane and won't move, people tend to run right into the back of them thinking they're getting ready to move. When they realize they aren't moving, they aggressively move to the next lane.

If you aren't looking close enough, bam. A car ends up in your trunk. Now you've closed ANOTHER lane off due to an accident, and a 45 minute wait to get through the light is created.

Did Chick-Fil-A get the design wrong at this location? Should we even allow restaurants to have a drive thru that leaks onto the street? No matter what you think, keep yours eyes open and reflexes ready when you're around here. You'll need em both.

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