Morning traffic is always busy in Amarillo, whether it be Soncy, Coulter, Georgia, I-40 or I-27.   It is especially hectic in downtown Amarillo.

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On Wednesday morning, June 12th around 7:15 am the area of 3rd Avenue between Taylor Street and Fillmore Street was blocked due to a vehicle vs. pedestrian accident.

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Google Maps

One of Amarillo Police Officers was struck by a car while using the crosswalk on Southeast 3rd.    The Amarillo Police Officer was taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

The Amarillo Police Department Traffic Investigation Unit is investigating the incident.  As of this time the name of the APD officer has not been released or any further details of the person and car that hit the officer.

When driving downtown, especially in the area of crosswalks always be alert, you never know when a person might be crossing the street.

The pedestrian traffic on 3rd Ave. in front of the police station is always busy since the parking lot for officers is north of 3rd.

Stay safe, stay alert.

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