I feel like I spend a lot of time driving around Amarillo. There is the time I spend on I40 driving between work and home. A lot of time is spent in my hood as well. I am one of those that pay attention to my surroundings.

Everywhere There Are Signs

I love to notice the signs we have in Amarillo. I mean some are there to make us laugh. Some are there to make us notice. They surprise us. Like the billboards we notice that are printed upside down.

My daughter asked me the other day if that was on purpose. I mean they have to notice they did that. Right? Yes, I told her it was. Guess why? To get us talking. We notice when something is just not right.

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We chuckle at the funny ones. We love the play on words. We love the signs that just get our attention.

We get a lot from Texdot. All those electronic signs that blast out the road conditions. They also use them for Amber Alerts. In between those they also like to remind us not to drink and drive.

They like to use their wit at the different holiday's to get their point across. So as you are also driving around town notice some of the signs trying to get our attention. Heck if you have someone else in the car have them snap a photo, Send it to me. I love to see how creative our town can be.

There Are Signs All Around Us in Amarillo

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