As we are slowly emerging from the crisis of the pandemic, the last thing we want to hear is bad news. And the United States Postal Service is "delivering" some of that to consumers today.

Officials with the USPS say a price increase for stamps was approved earlier this week by the Postal Regulatory Commission (PRC), the agency that oversees postal operations in the United States. The proposal was first discussed in May, when officials said they wanted to raise the price of a first-class stamp from 55 cents to 58 cents. And now that price increase will go into effect on August 29, which will no doubt anger customers all across America.

The controversial head of the USPS, Postmaster Louis DeJoy, who was appointed by President Donald Trump, is also proposing something that is going to affect Americans drastically. Slower delivery. But the Postal Regulatory Commission tells CBS Moneywatch, via KLFY that they are concerned that "about 4 out of 10 pieces of mail would take two additional days to reach their recipients", which would have a huge impact on rural and elderly customers.

PRC commissioner Ashley Poling stated in a report from the agency, via KLFY, that “I do not believe that the Postal Service has proven its case for reducing service standards for all Americans." Earlier this summer Attorney Generals from 21 states told the agency that the USPS proposals were "misguided", and would negatively affect "election mail, mailings of essential documents such as passports and birth and death records and have a disproportionate impact on the elderly, rural residents and the disabled."

So, better stock up on those stamps now before the price goes up on August 29.


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