We are fast approaching that day of love. Yes, of course, Valentine's Day. Whether you love it or hate it it will be here.

How do you feel about the day? Being single and all we grow to know of it lovingly called "Single Awareness Day". Of course sitting at work watching every girl hoop and holler and giggle over getting flowers. I sit back and watch it all. I really am happy about not worrying about having to thank someone for wasting over $100 on something that will die.

I am not opposed to love, I am not. I just haven't found it yet. Oh and more importantly not looking. It doesn't mean I can't get a guy. It doesn't mean I am unhappy. It just means that where I am in my life I am quite OK with.

I am thrilled I don't have to wait for hours that night for a seat inside a restaurant. One that I can walk into any other day without a wait! I am thrilled, though, that my daughter will be on the receiving end of some guy impressing his date by tipping extra generously. I am hoping THAT will happen.

This will be her first year waiting tables on Valentine's and I AM excited about that.

Have I always felt this way about this holiday? Yes, even when I was married or in a relationship I really never felt the need to have one day to spend gobs of money just to one up everyone else to prove your love is real.

I did enjoy the Valentine's Day parties at school for my daughter. The going out and shopping for cards for the whole class. That was fun. The innocence of the day. The time it was still a joy. The 30 minute school party and maybe having a flower delivered to the school for my daughter or more importantly one with a stuffed animal. Oh how she loved those stuffed animals.

Back when girls weren't expecting a dozen or two of roses. Spend the time doing nice things for each other if you have a relationship. Do the dishes for her, a load of laundry. Things that she will remember more than those flowers you bought.

Show each other all year. Don't let it store all up for February 14th just for it to be done and over with on the 15th!

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