I got home yesterday afternoon and turned on my TV like I normally do.  For some strange reason, South Park was on.  When it dawned on me that South Park was on my TV, I started trying to figure out what channel picked up that syndication.

Getty Images/Chris Hondros / Staff
Getty Images/Chris Hondros / Staff

I grabbed the remote and hit the info button and it was Comedy Central.  Comedy Central was on my TV.  Now this may sound odd that I am freaking out that Comedy Central is on my TV.  I have Suddenlink and 2 years ago, they removed the Viacom channels from their line up.  So when I noticed Comedy Central was there I started scrolling through the channels and Nickelodeon was there (not sure if I'm ready for Spongebob to be back in the house), Nick, Jr., MTV, VH1, CMT, BET and SPIKE!!!!!

They were all back.  Viacom channels are back on the Suddenlink line up.

When Ethan got home and I had Nickelodeon on in the background, you would have thought I got him a new puppy.  He put his hands in the air and screamed in joy, "I have Spongebob again!"  When Viacom went away he cried for a week.

So our household is happy about having Viacom back on our Suddenlink line up.

I spent the afternoon watching Bar Rescue on Spike to celebrate.

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