Vista College will soon be closing its doors in Amarillo.

TSM Amarillo
TSM Amarillo

The college announced today that it will finish teaching the current students and programs, but will no longer enroll new students.

Low enrollment and current business conditions is what lead to the decision to close the campus in Amarillo.

According to Jim Tolbert, Vista College CEO:

“Teaching out a campus is never an easy decision but, after continued attempts to keep the Amarillo campus operational, the teach-out decision was unavoidable.  Overall, the financial health of Vista College is strong, and we remain in full compliance with all government regulations and accreditation requirements.”

No other campuses will be affected by this decision.

Tolbert added, “We are grateful for the opportunity to have served the Amarillo community, and we will continue to work with area employers to assure the on-going success of our graduates.”

Students will meet with staff individually to decide their best option. They will have the opportunity to finish their programs if they are in good academic standing.

Employees at the Amarillo campus will be able to work at the school for up to a year.  Those employees not retained during the teach-out will be offered new assignments and maybe able to receive assistance as they transition.



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